This is my page about fishing.

I have been fishing for about 3 years now. Mostly from boats in the ocean, thats what I like the most.

I have only caught 3 fish's in my live, but when I've got the first one, I knew I was hooked to the "sport".

Yesterday (110206) I've got a cod fish at 10,6 kg. It was of course my record, but luckily for me also the biggest one that day.

Coz I've got one more than 10 kg, im in a mesure-club now, and I am really proud of that.

My next goal is to catch a cod fish more than 13,2 kg, then I will break my dad's record.

Chek out my how to cut out a cod fish.

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Made 12-02-06
by marix.

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