How to cut up a cod fish

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Created on: Sunday 12 February 2006

thumbs/cod0016.jpg First you need to check if the fish is fresh
1. it has to smell fresh
2. it has to have a layer of slime om the skin
3. it has to have bloody gills
4. the eyes need to go back out, when you press them
5. the meat has to be firm
thumbs/cod0018.jpg This is where the the hook was, when I landed the fish. No wonder it took me about 10 min. to do it.
thumbs/cod0020.jpg It's important that you have a really sharp knife.
Then you cut it open, from the stomach.
Dont cut too deep, if you want to save the eventually roe.
thumbs/cod0022.jpg This is the bowels of the fish.
Be prepaired, if its too hard to look at it,
buy a fish, where it's allready removed.
thumbs/cod0024.jpg But it is all worth it,
when you get such a nice peace of roe.
thumbs/cod0025.jpg This one is 2 kg, so I have food for many days,
just from the roe it self.
thumbs/cod0027.jpg Then you need to cut the head of.
Follow the bone behind the gills up to the neck.
thumbs/cod0030.jpg Break the neck of the fish, backwards,
maybe you need to cut some "joints" on the inside of the head.
thumbs/cod0032.jpg When the backbone is broken
and the head is only kept to the body by meat,
press the head down, while pulling it away from the meat/body.
thumbs/cod0033.jpg Look how little meat I have left on the head of the cod fish.
Coz the fish is that big I saved a meal for one person,
instead of troughing the head out right away
thumbs/cod0035.jpg Now I am cutting out the jaws.
If the fish is less than 10 kg, it might not be worth the trouble.
But are you doing it, you will taste maybe the best part of the cod fish.
thumbs/cod0037.jpg You can feel with you finger where to beging.
Feel arround the jaw, to localize it, before cutting.
Follow the bone, and loosen a little of the meat at the time.
thumbs/cod0038.jpg The last piece to cut is really close to the eye.
thumbs/cod0040.jpg Cut down on each side of the tendon.
thumbs/cod0045.jpg And remove it.
thumbs/cod0047.jpg Turn the jaw over and remove the skin.
thumbs/cod0049.jpg Now you have one jaw.
I prefer to fry it in a pan, with butter, salt, pepper and a little lemon.
thumbs/cod0052.jpg Then you have to seperate the filet from the bone
Cut down on top of the backbone.
Leave the fins, and cut as close to the bone as you can.
Take a little at a time, untill you are at the tail.
There are some bones (27), that you need to cut trought,
but wait with that, and cut the tail loose.
thumbs/cod0055.jpg Now we get to the point that is the most tricky.
Locate the bone in the middle of the two filets.
Cut arround it, on the side of the fish, that you allready has loosend.
thumbs/cod0058.jpg Follow the bone a little, and when you can see, that the filet gets slimmer, cut trough the bones.
thumbs/cod0059.jpg Now you can seperate the filet from the fish,
either by hand or with a little help from the knife.
thumbs/cod0061.jpg Remove the blackish membrane.
Turn the fish over, and do the same on the other filet.
thumbs/cod0071.jpg Cut the fins of, again really close to the bone, that are jointed to the fin.
thumbs/cod0075.jpg Remove the 27 bones with a pair of tongs.
If the fish is really fresh, it can be hard to do it.
thumbs/cod0078.jpg Now you have the whole filet.
You can cut it up as you like.
thumbs/cod0079.jpg I've cut the tail-part of,
coz the meat are are more thin in that end.
thumbs/cod0080.jpg Then I've seperated the top filet in two,
also coz the it's not equal size,
and therefore does'nt need the same cooking time.
thumbs/cod0084.jpg If you want to, you can remove the skin.