On this page you find all my favorite dishes. Most of them I have invented by my self. I've always been really glad for food and cooking. And therefore I'm enjoying working in a kitchen now. There is an energy I haven't found other places. Well, maybe when I was a bicicle-taxidriver. But I like the speed there is in a kitchen as a workplace and that I can create something that other people like.

As it is now, it's most everyday meals at this page. But with time I will put some gourmet food too.

For me the taste is the most important, and often it means that I shop ecological. I think its important to have good ingrediens, in a high quality, but I love fois gras and im not going to give that up for animal welfare.

I hope you will enjoy my recipes as much as I do. Good luck.

Made 12-11-05
by marix.